How Corporate Culture Affects Productivity

corporate culture of productivity

(Are You Making Your Employees Less Productive?) Often overlooked in organizations, especially large ones, is the fact that productivity, happiness, and engagement are all related.  Employees who are happier and more satisfied at work are more productive and more engaged in the mission of the organization. There are several ways to impact the happiness of […]

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What it Means to Control Your Attention

The more I study productivity and effectiveness, the more I have become convinced that it has led me to the secret of life.  I believe that control, and specifically, control over your own attention, is the secret to peak productivity and to living a life of choice. I call this “attention management,” and this belief […]

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2013 Tech Trends to Watch, Conclusion

video chat

Does your computer have a video camera? If not, you might want to pick one up (USB cameras are quite inexpensive.)  Although we’ve had Skype for video chat for a while, and more recently, FaceTime, I think Google Hangouts is going to bring video chat into the mainstream, because of how embedded Google is in […]

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2013 Tech Trends to Watch, Part 2

mobile wallets

Are wallets becoming obsolete?  Some technology companies are working to make that a reality.  You may be convinced in the coming year to start paying for things with your smartphone.  Several services, including Paypal, Google Wallet, and Isis, are teaming with smartphone manufacturers and payment processing companies to allow you to leave your wallet at […]

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2013 Tech Trends to Watch Part 1

Postman delivering mail

Happy new year!  I’ve noticed some technology products and services that have the potential to have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives this year.  Some of these can be real time savers and I believe merit consideration. The first is a class of service promising to revolutionize snail mail.  If you’re like most people […]

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Productivity Secrets for Building a Better Network

I recently had a chance to sit down (virtually) with Steve Harper and Drew Bixby, my friends and two of the founders of Promptivate, which is a fantastic new tool that makes it easy for you to strengthen your connections and add value to your network.  We discussed how to “make time” to do the […]

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CRM, PIM, PCM – Oh My! What Types of Contact Managers Do You Need?


I often hear from people who are confused about a good solution for managing their contacts.  I tell them our conversation needs to begin with identifying the needs for the contacts, and I’ve found that for some people, a combination of tools is the right answer for them. The first use of contact tools is [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Attention Management, #5

Megan Tull

There’s no getting around it: your level of physical activity (or inactivity) has a profound effect on how well your brain works.  My favorite book on this topic is Spark, by ground-breaking attention researcher Dr. John Ratey. Like nutrition, exercise is often not considered as a way to improve productivity, but when your productivity depends [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Attention Management, #4

Health by Harvey

It’s easy to forget the effect that nutrition and exercise can have on our ability to be productive and achieve our significant results.  If you find yourself easily distracted and have difficulty focusing, it could mean that your body is deficient in a vital nutrient.  The 4th way to improve your productivity with attention management [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Attention Management, #3


Meditation is perhaps the one skill more essential to learn than any other if you are serious about controlling your attention.  Meditation is quite literally the practice of focusing your attention internally, such as on your breathing, recognizing when your mind wanders, and bringing it back to the task at hand.  For more information on [...]

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